Photo at Florida/Georgia
Florida/Georgia 2010 with Kyle Menke, Leah Pablo,
Michelle Tomao, Alina Torres, and Brandon Livrago

It's Great to be a Florida Gator

Football is my favorite sport and hanging out with all my friends tailgating prior to each game makes a perfect Saturday, in my opinion. When I was younger, I used to come to every single home game with my dad and my brother, who also goes to UF with me currently. When we would walk down University avenue, I used to tell my dad that I would go to school here some day and own a house on University. I kept that promise. I get a smile on my face watching my street change from students and teachers going to and from campus for school, to cars parked on the median, corn hole, inflatible Gators, and of course blue and orange everywhere. Now, my dad comes to visit me at my house as an alumni at the best school in Florida, and arguably anywhere.

Since my freshman year at UF, I have missed only one home game. Our football program is one of the most exciting aspects of the school. We have always had a solid team or at least a solid chance to become a highly-ranked team in my four years at the University. In my freshman year, I was able to travel to Miami for the National Championship game. My ticket was in an envelope in our Christmas tree along with a ticket for my brother. I will never forget this experience of witnessing our team become National Champions before I officially started at UF. Since this game, I have been to Baton Rouge twice, Jacksonville three times (so far), Knoxville, and Atlanta to see the Gators play.

Getting my friends and family together for the games is my favorite activiy because I get to see everyone, and all of us share the same excitement. The competition in college football is nothing like the NFL, and I think that I will always be a season ticket holder many years after I graduate to keep up with this favorite hobby of mine.