Picture of a sunset at Walt Disney World's Epcot

I enjoy sunrises and sunsets because watching them is a peaceful experience. Whenever

I have time, I like to go with my friends to Paynes Prairie which is in south Gainesville.

Once we are there, we sit, relax, and enjoy nature.

Iím a big fan of movies, and I keep a list of my favorites and plan to own

them all in DVD. Some of them are: Casino, Fight Club, Inglorious Basterds, The Pianist,

A Beautiful Mind, The Aviator, Walk the Line, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

and The Others.

I also love watching and practicing sports and it would be my dream to work in the field

of sports journalism. My favorite sports are Soccer, Football and Basketball. My favorite

teams are: Florida Gators, FC Barcelona, The Miami Heat, The Dolphins, the Venezuelan

National Soccer Team (La Vinotinto) and the United States National Soccer Team.