Family is the friends you cannot choose

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I am the youngest of six kids. Yes I said six, my parents had two children each before they met. Both of my parents were born in the Caribbean, but I was born in here in the U.S. My father is from Clarendon, Jamaica, and my mother is from Saint Andrews, Barbados. I have four sisters, one brother and eight nieces and nephews. Big family, I know. Despite the obvious, I absolutely love being a part of a big family because there is always someone to talk to.

Being a part of a big family is an adventure in itself, but being the youngest has its disadvantages but more importantly it has its advantages. I have learned many life lessons from my older siblings, about topics, such as school to becoming a parent.

Being raised with three different cultures has made my journey through life much better. I have used the history of each culture to help me shape my future.