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re·treat ..ri-ˈtrēt..n.
1. an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable;

2. a place of privacy or safety

"'The Retreat' is an album about a conscious withdrawal form everything you've ever known and loved, a willing
excommunication based on an unwillingness to suffer through the pains and trials of life.

It is about loneliness, heartbreak, despair, and, ultimately, salvation.

In order to find out who you truly are, you must live inside yourself for a time, study your self and every element of your being
that makes you unique as an individual. 'The Retreat' is about self-discovery, finding out what makes you you, and why you
either do or do not belong in this world."


01. Waking Life

02. Deeper

03. Loveshy

04. Descendency

05. Indigo

06. Sidewalker

07. Into The Quiet

08. Hollow Girl

09. Remembrancer

10. Tomorrow Sleeps

11. Drifting Out


Runtime: 54:45

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C. R. S. Lyles | Ini Morrow




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