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I will never be done discovering the world.
My travels, mostly documented in photos

I found this little earth-looking glass ball in a shop in Prague


In the five months that I spent in Europe, about a month and a half of it consisted of moving around with a tiny suitcase that made it from Africa to Hungary, from Amsterdam to Santorini. Traveling has filled me with experiences that will forever continue to define my being. The following are photos from some of the lands I've reached. Enjoy the blurbs go with them.

Going South leads to North
A tour of Andalucia and Morocco

So we're on this walk through a tiny village-like community in Africa. Guided by the same men who have been fully in charge of us since our arrival last night. They mingle with us, communicating by speaking variations of French, Spanish or English. (later on the trip I realized more and more that they spoke what I would guess to be arabic amongst one another.) During this walk, I reflected. Each step I planted in that ground would disappear. It is the desert after all. But no one predicted the impact a sandstorm, coming our way, could have.


Pictured is one of the young men who led us around for two days of desert life that I got to peek into. He gazes at the horizon during our walk. Tells me it's going to be a big storm. I looked out and kept my eyes there until it felt like gazing was all we could do.

Carnival here carnival there
The French Riviera

Eyes transfixed the giant, bright sea creatures as they swam through the February night in Nice France, during their Under the Sea Carnival.

Carnivals were in full swing within my first few months in Europe. The general idea of Carnival is that it is a final hoorah before the Catholic-observed Lent begins.

This particular event in the main square of the city center was the opening ceremony to a carnival celebration that lasted a full weekend.

The music and light show were an elaborate display, but approriate when complemented with the dominant props and energetic crowd.

My hodgepodge, if you will

Links to YouTube, finds on StumbleUpon, the works. It's like MR.A-Z says, "...it's laughter that we're making after all."

This guy is so overwhelmed by the vivid rainbow he spots in his backyard that he cries and laughs uncontrollably. Always makes me laugh.

Principles of Marketing was a great class. Professor Lutz always showed us great commercials during lecture. This Honda Element one was one of my favorites.

When babies can laugh at the simplest things, it makes it hard not to join in.