Well here you are, in my mind. Delve.

Knowledge is power

I am currently in my senior year at the University of Florida. Go Gators! My degree specializes in Photojournalism, which is part of the school of Journalism and Communications.

I am also earning a minor in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. This concentration of study focuses on economics, contemporary international issues and conservation. It interestes me because of my interest in one day working in a Social Enterprise.

I had the opportunity to fufill a minor in Spanish while studying abroad in Spain. Barcelona became a home for me during four months of complete immersion. My language skills improved greatly, and I feel comfortable communicating my ideas in Spanish.

I graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High in 2008, and include such information because of how strongly I believe that those four years shaped me. My teachers and couselors at Palmetto saw my potential and pushed me to reach it. And still do.

My resume, for those who are interested in past my work experiences.

My blog, a final project for one of my classes, displays a few multimedia projects I've created, and photos I've taken on assignment.

The Fun Side
I like to stay informed.

The New York Times is such a great publication. I try to get my hands on the printed papers as often as I can. The photos are gorgeous and powerful. To zoom in on the local level, I look at The Gainesville Sun. The Miami Herald was my paper while I was growing up. Still catch up on it every once in a while.

I've just recently heard of Gawker. I like the writing style of the authors' whose stories I read.

I get lost in words

Novels, short stories, poems, I like to read them all. Something I enjoy is book club style reading. This way, my friends and I can divulge over a story and share our thoughts.

Below are a few quotes from books that have strung a chord inside me.

This novel is one of those, that I could read from start to finish for the rest of my days. Sometimes I pick it up and read a chapter or so, just to get some inspiration. Stargirl is a beautiful character who brings color into life.

Anything I have read from this author has been worthwhile. One of my favorites is his Warrior of the Light book, which has a compilation of proverbs and passages from some of the oldest and wisest philosophies.

Dr. Seuss might very well be one of my biggest role models. So much good can be learned from his books.