These things get my blood flowing.

me on a summer day
The light within me honors the light within you.

The benefit of exercising that I appreciate most is feeling the individual parts of my body become active and engaged. I like to notice the muscles working together to create movement or balance. I love feeling the strength of my heart muscle.

Yoga is my practice. It has become a frequent mode of exercise and meditation for me. It centers me.

Rock climbing is one of the greatest sports I've encountered. Chalk on my fingers, Sweat down my back and Strength in my being. Climbing is challenging and fun.

The dankest

Blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. The consistency and the ice-cold temperature of this fresh smoothie had all my class mates asking for refills.


I enjoy the texture that can so easily be noted in this photo. The berries are plump and bright and the dark color of the smoothie looks nice against the background. The setup and steps taken to achieve this photo taught me that food photography takes a lot more than just snapping the camera.

Afternoon delight

On a long Gainesville summer afternoon, nothing was more appropriate. She let the creamy vanilla melt within the cone as the sun permeated her hair. Veronica licked her lips and closed her eyes as sweet memories of her childhood summers overtook her.