Things I love to share...

There is a time when you are all alone, classmates are busy doing their school works and roommates are all out to party. This is the moment for you to make yourself a cup of tea and do the things you like. I love to watch movies, read novels and listen to music. Here are some recommendations from me....


A picture of me watching a movie Watching movies on my 24-inch computer big screen has become one of my most beloved activities when I'm alone. Within that short period of two hours, I can run away from the heavy pressure of school work. Some movies can refresh my mind and provide a different point of view. Some movies are inspiring, which encourage people to look at the bright side. Here are two movies I recommend. I hope you will enjoy them:


A picture of me listening to music Music is magical.

Different music has its own power. Music can light me up when I am down and bring me peace when I feel sadness. I tend to play some soft music before going to bed. It can relax me and improve my sleeping quality. Here are songs I recommend:

TV series

A picture of me watching TV I love watching televisions. I especially enjoy programs that contain abnormal activities. The best thing about a TV series is that, although it only takes 50 minutes or os it also gives you the same excitement as watching a movie. A good TV series is my best company during meal time while my friends are not around. Two series which I recommend are:


A picture of me reading a book Image a warm lovely afternoon. You have your favorite cup of tea beside you and a new book in hand. Isn't that a pleasant picture? Thinking of myself as the main character brings me into a fantasy journey. It allows me to have different day dreams which are impossible to in the real world. By reading, you can enhance your creatitvity without limitation. It allows you to picture places you never know. Two of my favorite books are: