I spent my summer in Washington, D.C. writing for Street Sense, a bi-weekly newspaper advocating the homelessness issue in the nation's Capitol.

I fell in love with D.C. and hope to move back there as soon as I can. I've also enjoyed the humbling experience of working with some of the strongest people I know, who end up sleeping in the streets every night.

Just as my internship experience was life changing, being in the nation's Capitol was just as inspiring. My favorite landmark is the Washington Monument. There's something about laying back on the bench and staring up the white tower that brings a feeling of patriotism.

I felt like I belonged in this city. The people are young, driven and motivated. Everyone has dreams, aspirations. Since I've left, I've been aching to go back.

One of my favorite memories of the summer was when my best friends from Florida flew up to visit me. The photo on the right is me with Zach Lowenstein and Michael Osborne at the State Capitol building.

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