The Society of Professional Journalists is the largest, most broad-based network of journalists in the country. More than 8,000 professional and student members unite to protect the First Amendment and journalism ethics. The organization is also a celebration of all things journalism; it's one of the best ways to meet other motivated and dedicated journalists.

Since I joined the organization my freshman year, SPJ has provided me with numerous opportunities as a young student. I am serving my second year as president of the University of Florida chapter and am currently the assistant director of Region 3, which consists of chapters in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.

The photo on the left was from the First Amendment Free Food Festival, an annual event the University of Florida chapter takes part in. During the event, students sign away their First Amendment rights for free food.

I spend much of my time planning meetings and events. The UF student chapter is hosting the Region 3 Conference this March and I will be spending hours to plan it.

I enjoy every part of being involved in SPJ. I hope to continue remaining active in the organization well into my professional career.

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