The land of the long white cloud

In 2005 I traveled to New Zealand and Australia for 20 days with People to People Student Ambassadors. My group consisted of 40 high schoolers, myself included. For ten days we traveled from the North island to the south island living amongst the Maori, the indigenous people of the land. Our journey began in Auckland on a crisp morning at 5 a.m. The first few hours that I spent in New Zealand were very informative. I felt as though I had learned so much in such a short amount of time. The next nine days proved to be just as informative as the first. The citizens of New Zealand, the Kiwis, were some of the most welcoming and hospitable people that I have ever met. However, New Zealand's sheep population outnumbers the population of people. Experiencing the beauty of New Zealand was a gift that I will always cherish.

picture of New Zealand

Converse with the Maori

Not many people are aware of the beauty New Zeland holds. New Zealand is a country rich in untouched land, deep-rooted culture, extreme sports and intersting facts. Ten days in New Zealand was far from satisfying, because I would have stayed for much longer if I was able to. Even though there are more sheep than people, you will never be bored or lonely in New Zealand. Travel New Zealand

Did you know?

There are THREE types of kiwis in the world...

  1. The fruit
  2. The bird
  3. The people of New Zealand

The New Zealand All Blacks

The All Blacks are New Zealand's pride and joy. Their rugby team. Watching a rugby game in New Zealand is comparable to an American watching a football game or a Brazilian watching a soccer game. It's tradition for the members of the All Blacks to perform the haka before every game. The haka consists of dance and chant when a challenge is presented. The haka is a Maori tradition, and the All Blacks have incorporated it into their team to show their pride for the land they live on and the people who cultivated it.