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A gard at the horse gate. The Big Ben in London, UK. The Mall, a street between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

Traveling is not only one of my most passionate activities but also has been a part of my life. The best travel I've ever taken was traveling around Europe in the summer of 2011. I named the journey "Gipsy Europe" as I traveled in 12 countries and regions for 100 days. I started the journey on April 23. My first stop was London, and I was there for 10 days to see the British Royal family's wedding. I'm not necessarily interested in the royal family's events, but I was interested because I study photojournalism. I was in Newcastle, England, Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Isle of Islay, Scotland, until May 19.

A man wears sunbrella at a fleamarket in Berlin, Germany. Fred Jacob, one of only four basket makers in Berlin, was my subject for the two-week Berlin photojournalism study abroad between May 20 to June 2. The TV Tower and sunset in Berlin, Germany.

I was in Berlin for taking the two-week Berlin photojournalism study abroad program. The assignment was to find one person and make a profiling soundslide about the person. He was one of only two basket making master in Berlin. I found an awesome subject for my project in the program. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Although the history of Berlin is, to be honest, a bit of dipressing, the city itself is full of fun. The funest city in my European journey. When I finished the program, I was in Dresden, Germany for two days, Prague, Czech Republic, for four days.

The courtyard in the Museum Quartier in Vienna, Austria. The Shane Brune Palace, Vienna, Austria. There was always a music concert in the middle of the historic downtown Vienna

Vienna was the best city I've visited in the European journey. There were so many cool places, such as the Museum Quartier. The Museum Quartier is a museum of modern arts anc culture, where I could spend all day there just sitting on this funny looking bench, drinking beers and watching people passing by. Also, there was always a music concert in the historic downtown Vienna every day. I continued to travel to Bratislava, Slovakia, Budapest, Hungary, Belgrade, Serbia, Zagreb, Croatia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Salzburg, Austria, before arriving at Munich, Germany. Bratislava was a very small town, where you may not believe the city is the capital of Slovakia. Belgrade may make you creep out at first because there are still bombed buildings in the downtown Belgrade, but it's a nice city. When I was in Ljubljana, I felt like I was in Berlin, so I call Ljubljana "Little Berlin."

What the bilboard saying is about 2018 Winter Olympics Game selection.  Munich was one of three cities running for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Munich would bave been first city to host summer olympics, world cup soccer and winter olympics, if it were chosen.  A South Korean city won the bid. People take videos and/or photos of the mechanical tower clock in the historic downtown Munich.  It happens only on 5 p.m. A woman stands at Karlsplaz in the downtown Munich.  the street between Karlsplaz and Marienplaz is a pedestrian zone and a crowded area.

I happened to see the 2018 Winter Olympics Game Selection at Munich. Munich was one of three candidate cities for the olympics. It was nice to see it although Munich lost its bid for the olympics. I stayed Munich for four days. I then continued traveling to Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Germany, Paris, and Doolin, Ireland before coming back to the US.
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