Who I (Really) Am: Hiro She-Mama - skater for the Alachua County Rollers

Skating as Hiro She-Mama

Player Number: WW2

Position: Media Relations

Biography: It was a quiet day in the little town of Hiroshima, Japan, when, in the flash of an atomic bomb, tragedy struck. The Americans dropped the Little Boy from their planes in the sky, and a flash, then fire, a sonic boom, screaming, smoke, silence. From the smoke and debris emerged Hiro She-Mama, clinging to nothing but a pair of rollerskates, which had absorbed the nuclear energy from the bomb: that and a vendetta. She skated across the Atlantic ocean to America, and teamed up with ACR to single-handedly take down, team by team, anyone on rollerskates who dared cross her path, and annihilate them, leaving nothing but a mushroom cloud where their pride used to be. Soon, there will be nothing left but the fog and smoke and sizzling wheel trail left on the track as proof that you just got nuked by HIRO SHE-MAMA

Why Derby: For the sake of my people, the people of Hiroshima. For honour. For vengeance.

Signature Move: The Nuke.

Derby Sister City: Nagasaki.

Gear: Atomic skates and a helmet of liquid nuclear energy.

Likes: Conventional warfare. Victory. Death by my hand. Puppies.

Dislikes: Civilian death. Mondays. I was kidding about the puppies.

Distinguishing feature: Token angry black girl.

Favorite Quote: “I don’t want to die without a few scars.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Guilty Pleasures: Christianity. Crazy, I know.

Motto: hyakurenjitoku – “Practice [something] a hundred times and it becomes yours.”

Favorite song: Hiroshima by Gary Moore

First Bout: Monday, August 6, 1945.