Dave Matthews Band in Atlantic City, New Jersey

It's pretty safe to say that music is my passion.

I love being surrounded by it, the emotions and feelings it makes and the sheer bliss it can bring to someone. The way that music triggers a memory or brings people together is a fascinating phenomenon.

I have been to my fair share of shows and concerts over the years, and it's difficult to say what kind of music is my favorite. I have discovered so many amazing artists and I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure I can share what I have come across with all of my friends and family.

Below are some great videos and songs that I have stumbled across recently. Check them out and share them with whoever is around.

Craving more? Be sure to also check out my music/photoblog: picturemusicology, where I have combined lyrics and photographs from various shows I have attended.

(All videos below were not taken by me)

"Cortez The Killer" by Warren Haynes and Dave Matthews Band

I have seen this performed a few times and it is incredible. In my opinion, Warren Haynes is one of the most talented guitar players and here he truly shows how to cover a great song by Neil Young. Honorable mention goes out to Grace Potter and Joe Satriani, who have also covered "Cortez the Killer", which you can view here.

Warren Haynes Official Website

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Official Website

Dave Matthews Band Official Website

"Flying Horses" by Dispatch

I have loved this band for a while and finally got to see them live last summer in Atlanta, Georgia. Their set didn't disappiont and the energy that they can fill in a venue is truly a site to see. They don't tour often, so if you ever have a chance to see them live, GO! "Flying Horses" is one of my favorite songs by them, and this video recorded at Madison Square Garden sounds just like the version I got to hear a few months ago.

Dispatch Official Website.

All videos above were not recorded by me.

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