Three pictures of me, Erika Leigh

All about me, Erika Leigh.

I enjoy the little things in life and believe that there is a positive way to look at any situation. I keep my life and thoughts fairly organized even though my room can turn into a haphazard disaster every so often. I appreciate movies that open my eyes to new ideas or make me say "woah..." as the credits start rolling. I live to try new foods, discover new places, hear new music and meet new people.

I have always believed that everything in moderation is key, and you should always be surrounded by family and a few good friends. It's vital to speak your mind, but listening can be just as important.

I don't think I could live without: my iPod and extensive iTunes library, the occassional bowl of homemade guacamole, my family and friends, my creativity or a bright imagination. I currently live in Gainesville, Florida but who knows what side of the country I'll end up on after graduation.