Where I am, where I have been and where I am going

photos pf past travels

I am probably one of the few people that actually look forward to flying. Instead of getting nervous at the thought of taking off I get excited thinking of my destination. Layovers? They are just another destination itself. I love buying duty free items at airports, and talking to strangers waiting in line.

So far I have visited France, the Bahamas and a large part of the continental US. Last summer I studied abroad in Paris and during my stay was able to take various road trips to places such as Normandy, Marseilles, the Loire Valley and Provence. I also went on a cruise that visited several islands in the Bahamas. As for the US, my most frequent trips are to New Orleans and New York with some road trips in between.

This summer I am going to Ireland with my sister and I feel that May 2012 cannot come fast enough. Additionally, I hope to one day visit Japan and most of Asia for that matter as well as spend a while in Madrid with my family there. I am always curious about other countries and open to visiting them. If I had unlimited amounts of money I would spend a large part on travel.