What do I do on my free time?

Images of scuba, reading, art, and dance

When I am not bombarded by schoolwork, I unwind with countless activities.

For starters, I love books and one of my favorite things to do is read. Sitting at a cafe with a coffee cup in hand and a good book in the other is pure bliss for me and I find this to be one of the easiest things to fit into my schedule.

I also am fascinated by art and occasionally paint or draw when the mood strikes. This often happens when I return from a trip to another city and my mind is chock-full of inspiration. When not actually creating my own work I like to go to art festivals or galleries.

When I was younger I used to dance ballet, salsa, flamenco and jazz. From time to time I drag my best friends or sister with me to take a class. This helps me relax and there is something magical about breaking music down into eight counts for the sake of choreography.

I also have what I guess could be called seasonal hobbies. During my winter breaks I always help my cousin plan the King Mango Strut Parade, which takes place the last Sunday of every year in Coconut Grove. This humorous parade parodies top news stories each year and is unique in that it has no sponsors, therefore requiring a lot of creativity and volunteer labor to be executed.

In the summer, when the water is warm I go scuba diving. I got scuba certified two years ago after becoming extremely jealous of all the divers who film documentaries for the Discovery Channel. Now I get to partake in responsibly diving in and seeing the wonder that is marine life for myself. It is one of my life goals to dive in every ocean.