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My first real job was as a receptionist in an Architecture firm one summer. There I learned how to undertake all clerical duties as well as set up meetings. I learned that writing everything down was crucial and that organization was the key to running a business smoothly.

My second and favorite job to date was at the Junior Orange Bowl Committee. Working for the nonprofit I learned many things about 5o1(c)(3) organizations and was able to get real experience in event planning and marketing. My responsibilities went beyond receptionist duties and into the realm of getting sponsors for the parade, planning auctions and other events and sending out press releases. I even got to submit the renewal application for 5o1(c)(3) status and do grant writing for further funding.

In terms of official advertising experience, my internship at the Independent Florida Alligator taught me many things. Weekly workshops during the internship taught me tactics to sell advertising space on the paper. I went to every business in my territory selling ads, filling out contracts and necessary paperwork and making sure the advertisers were happy. I created Spec ads to entice businesses on the fence about buying ad space and coaxed them with circulation figures.

In addition to these jobs, I have held officer positions in various organizations. In the Reitz Union Board of Entertainment I was historian and marketing chair of the Special Events committee for two years doing everything from taking notes at meetings to creating publicity and doing research. In Gator Raiders I learned how to use guerilla-marketing tactics such as a flash mob to promote events and boost ticket sales. As of last spring I am now a brother in the coed professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, where I have honed my interviewing skills and plan to become a social chair this upcoming spring.

These experiences have given me good business sense and helped further my creativity by giving me a chance to apply my skills and knowledge. This summer I am looking to complete an internship in an advertising agency where I will hopefully further my skills by learning how to create advertisements for clients and purchase media accordingly.