Who is Ms. Gomez?

photo of me

To begin with, I am a third year University of Florida Advertising major with a minor in Business Administration. I speak English, Spanish, French and Japanese. I consider myself a neat freak and dog lover as well as political junkie.

Like most second-generation Cubans, I was born in Miami, Florida. Growing up in Miami has helped shape my love for other languages and cultures as well as marine life. Despite the housing bubble and political corruption running amuck, I will always consider Miami my home and it holds a special place in my heart.

After graduating UF next Fall I plan to attend law school and specialize in intellectual property. My dream is to eventually work for the publishing company Conde Nast in a creative or legal capacity. This is because I am passionate about magazines, especially Vanity Fair, and would love nothing more than to be paid to read them every day.

Fun Facts About Me