I like to go the beach and relax in the sun or walk around and take in the atmosphere. I also like to go to the movies, read books, magazines, and newspapers. I enjoy practicing different techniques with digital photography as well as video shooting and editing. I can often be found watching tutorials, learning new ways of improving in the craft I love. At home, I love to spend time with my dogs at the local dog park. In addition I like to research random topics in telecommunication production technology including new cutting-edge software, hardware, and related equipment in the industry. Recently, I have enjoyed creating websites and I would like to add XHTML and CSS to my hobbies.

photo of 67 mustang

One of my favorite classic cars, a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, at Mustang Specialties in Pompano Beach, FL.

My favorite rock band Creed, performing during sound check at a concert at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL.

Most people like to engage in active and busy schedules in their free time, but I am a different person. I like to relax and "take it easy" sometimes. I live quite a simple life. In my spare time I like to do many different things. I enjoy hanging out with friends and doing fun, spontaneous things. As a telecommunication major I enjoy watching television, surfing the web and going on social media websites, dabbling in Facebook, YouTube and Twitter mostly. I also enjoy listening to the radio, I-pod, or old CDs. If I have some extra free time I like to work on fun video projects for my friends or just for my own pleasure. Since I'm in the production track I love to do anything "hands on," mostly shooting and editing video. I like to work out frequently and try to keep fit. I love to work on cars. I enjoy watching car racing at local tracks, and attending car-oriented events. I like to cook anything on a grill. On occasion I enjoy making cookies from scratch. I enjoy traveling, going to live music events and meeting good people.

mac pro image

My favorite software, Final Cut Pro, as well as my favorite computer, a Mac Pro.

I really enjoy using Macs rather than PC's. I find they are more versatile in terms of what processing you can throw at them. Also, they can run multiple high-functioning programs very well with the correct hardware. Macs can juggle large files with ease. I'm a big supporter and fan of Apple products.


My current camera:Canon XHA1.

Currently, I shoot on a Canon XHA1, shooting in 1080i HDV. I use HDV tape to record all content. Other equipment I use includes a wired lavalier microphone to capture audio, and all content is edited on a Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro. Eventually, I plan to install Avid Media Composer. Generally, I output video in varying formats of Quicktime movie files.