As an Alachua county resident and Gainesville native, I have been at the University of Florida for eight years now and have plenty of lessons to share with anyone who is new to the UF community, particularly graduate students. Picture of me

Tips from my 8 years at UF:

  1. Try not to focus on the grades. Even though grades matter, graduate school is about learning. You will be a much more rounded person if you live by this.
  2. Start utilizing an electronic calender or planner. They are so useful. Organization and time mangement are an integral part of grad school.
  3. Make "TO DO" lists. It may sound corny, but it really does help you get things accomplished. It is also super rewarding to check things off the list!
  4. Take time outside of studying to enjoy extra-curriculars. It will actually help you focus.
  5. Find a good study spot. We all work differently, but it has been proven that people are more productive in certain environments.
  6. Try to network within your program. It helps to meet new people and you never know when you might meet again in your future career endeavors.
  7. Learn to work independently and think critically. Successful students are self-starters.
  8. Take advantage of opportunities to speak about your research whenever you can. Conferences provide excellent opportunities to network with your peers. Who knows, you may build professional relationships from these experiences.
  9. MOST IMPORTANT: Do not procrastinate your dissertation or thesis and don't procrastinate putting together a committee. Everything takes longer than you anticipate.