A picture of me reading Though lately I find myself reading journal articles and conference papers related to my dissertation, I also love to read for leisure. Some of my favorite books include:
* The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
* Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo trilogy
* The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy
* Anything by Jane Austen


A home-made pizza that I baked I love cooking and exploring new recipes. Since I am trying to be healthier in my old age, I am always looking for fun and tasty recipes that are lower in calories and fat. This is currently my favorite food blog. I like that she gives all of the nutrional information and pre-calculates the weight watchers point values of each dish.


A sketch I did in Vicenza, Italy Although I have decided to take a more technical route with my career, I still enjoy being creative. I love painting, drawing and crafts. The picture to the left is a sketch I completed during my study abroad in Vicenza, Italy. Recently, I have been dying to take an oil painting class. Hopefully, I can make that happen this year as well.


A picture of me wine-tasting Ever since my trip to Italy, I have grown to love wine. My boyfriend and I try to sample some of the local wine tastings that Gainesville has to offer. Wine and Cheese Gallery has a nice selection. I hope to be able to travel more as I get older and sample wines from all over the world. Though cabernet and Shiraz are my favorites, I rarely discriminate. Depending on the food pairing, all varieties are tasty.