Here you can check out what I've done so far:

Organic pet food: This is a piece I did for MMC2100. I am passionate about pets, so I wanted to answer the age-old question of whether "organic" food is worth the buy. After working at Pet Supermarket for 2 years, I had some background information already. However, this article gives the reader deeper perspective on what exactly it is that you feed your pet.

Becoming an entrepreneur: Most students living in Gainesville have heard of Uber Promotions. Uber publicizes large-scale events like DayGlo or concerts. This article is about the founder of the company, who is surprisingly not very different from the undergraduate students that roam UF campus today.

Medieval fair: This piece was very much fun for me. Since I was young, my family would always dress up like noblemen or mythical creatures and go to the annual Renaissance Festival. Of course, I was thrilled when I found out the fair also circulated to Gainesville. The story comes from the heart, and I still feel the magic of the role playing event every time I read it.

The paintings and murals below are just a few from my Pet Portraits collection. I'm an avid acrylics painter and have been experimenting with all kinds of different medium since I was 8.

View larger versions of the displayed pictures as well as other pictures here