My Passion: Man's Best Friend

Dogs are man's best friend. They are my ultimate passion and main source of happiness. Ever since I was young, I would collect life-sized dog stuffed animals. My family had proudly deemed themselves "cat people," so I was never able to grow up with my very own puppy. That all changed the summer of 2011 when I got my very first dog, Freddie Mercury, a.k.a. Freddie. He can be quite the terror with all of the chewing, barking and snoring, but he is the perfect example of a dream come true. MY advice?

Get one.

Top 5 reasons why dogs rule and cats drool:

  1. They play fetch
  2. They come when they're called
  3. They can do tricks
  4. They like to travel
  5. They're your ultimate BFF

Some Collie blogs I follow that you may want to take a peek at are all about the lives of Bonnie and Essex and Sherman.

Below are some pictures of my puppy

Freddie and I