Food Lover

A Spanish proverb says that the belly rules the mind. I agree with this saying wholeheartedly. I love to cook good food, but most importantly, I love to eat good food. My favorite part of the day is sharing a meal with friends.

Whenever I travel, I love to try the local cuisine, and I always try to push myself and eat things I haven't heard of or wouldn't normally eat. My trips seem to revolve around food. Every meal has to be researched so I know that I'm eating something authentic.

My friends, Ashley and Amanda, and I try our hands at baking bread.

Tips for eating well while traveling:

  1. Do your homework before taking a trip and research which restaurants have been featured on TV shows like "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" on the Food Network.
  2. Ask locals which places they recommend. They always have good suggestions that tourists wouldn't know about.
  3. Eat at nicer restaurants for lunch. Usually, restaurants run amazing lunch specials where you can get items on the dinner menu for much less money.
  4. Don't be afraid to try new things!

I have always been a very adventurous eater, but my cooking skills have only developed just recently. When I first came to college, I could barely boil water, but after I met friends who really knew how to make delicious food, I practiced more with my cooking.

Now, I try to cook dinner for myself and maybe some friends every night. I wouldn't call myself an extraordinary chef, but I have made leaps and bounds from where I started. I can make a variety of meals out of ground beef, pork, chicken, fish and shrimp. My mother was definitely impressed with me when she came to visit last February. My goal is to someday know enough about cooking where I can create my own recipes to share.

Dan, my cousin, shows me the art of putting honey on pizza, a staple at this Colorado restaurant. Sasha and I hold up our favorite treat while traveling in Spain, the kinder egg.