About Me

photo of me at Gainesville Fashion Week

Hi! My name is Katie Finney, and I'm a senior at the University of Florida. I'm now earning a degree in journalism because I hope to one day work as the editor of a major magazine.

I love to travel, eat and try new things, and most especially, I like to write about my experiences. I was first drawn to journalism because of this, but as I told other people's stories, I realized that theirs were more interesting than my own. That's what made me fall in love with the profession.

The magazine world caught my attention because I truly enjoy reading and writing features and human-interest pieces. Magazines cover a variety of topics as well, which caters toward my different interests. I like to do it all, and I hope that someday I will.

I want this website to be an outlet for all of my creative endeavors - my favorite recipes, films and travels - in addition to my professional work. Feel free to peruse the pages, and I hope you enjoy!