Stadiums in the Swamp Breckenridge

When I'm not working on a story, you can usually find me at the gym taking a group class, running stadiums in the Swamp or working as a Fitness Associate at Southwest Recreation Center. Exercising is my favorite hobby, and I love discovering new ways to challenge my mind and body. Pilates, running and weight training take up most of my exercise routine, but I don't mind throwing in some bootcamp training or intervals if it means feeling that accomplished "burn" when it's all over. I am currently training to run in my first half-marathon in the spring and hope to eventually compete in triathlons.

I also love to travel. Coast to coast, America has enough destinations to explore for a lifetime, but I don't mind taking my adventures outside the borders either. I've been to eight different countries and hope to continue exploring the world after graduation. Anthony Bourdain definitely has my dream job, traveling the world and sampling the best cuisine cultures have to offer. I'd be okay if I can be him when I grow up.