Blue Gill

I love writing about food. When it comes to a meal, it's never just about the ingredients. There are so many stories tangled into the process of making food and its role in culture that I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing about it. Before coming to UF, I spent most of my senior year trying to convince my parents to let me attend the Culinary Institute of America in New York. While college ended up winning that battle, I still use my passion for good food as motivation to write about it whenever I can.

I'm a Southern girl at heart, and there's no replacing the joys of a simple, homecooked meal. I think that's what I love the most about the local food movement happening across the nation - everything is going back to the basics. Quality, community connections and focusing on the ingredients, not the profit - that's what makes great food.

People now crave to know who is making their food and where it comes from. Food journalism is no longer just about restaurant reviews and new cake recipes but instead leaping into how food is connected with real world issues. What are protesters eating at Occupy Wall Street? How did food help communities rebound from the devestation of Hurricane Katrina? How can a fruit help shape a state's identity?

Here are some of my favorite food blogs, food journalists and, of course, food destinations.

Foodie Blogroll

Favorite Food Writers

Gainesville's Great Eats

Best Barbecue
David's Barbecue

The sliced beef is juicy and flavored with just the right amount of smokey flavor. Sides are hearty and complement the meal with homemade touches you can't find at large chains.

Best Pizza
Leonardo's By the Slice

This is the first restaurant I ever went to in Gainesville, and it was a great introduction into the local food scene. Definitely don't pass up the piping hot garlic rolls, with a side of garlic butter and marinara of course.

Best Breakfast
Bagels Unlimited

If you're looking for a hearty breakfast and a great deal, this is your new favorite brunch spot. The pancakes are larger than Frisbees and the breakfast sandwiches deserve to be held with both hands.