Caitlyn Finnegan

Life is a collection of stories, and I'm interested in telling them.

I'm a third year journalism major at the University of Florida with a minor in Spanish. I'm really interested in online media and am currently working on developing my video, photography and website building skills. I love covering local news and connecting with the community. The intersection of journalism and technology to tell stories is something that makes me excited for the future of journalism, and I am so glad to be learning how the industry is shifting and adapting. I can find an interesting spin on just about anything and am always up for the challenge of doing so. There's always a story to be found.

I'm originally from Tampa, Fla. and have been raised on a steady diet of adventure, great Spanish food from the streets of Ybor and every kind of sport you can think of. I think I could live solely on Spanish food alone if given the chance. With only two years left to enjoy college, I want to make the most out of my time at UF's J-School. The classes have taught me how to interview efficiently, report in innovative ways and to never leave home without my AP Stylebook.

If a story has anything to do with food you can bet I want to cover it. I think food journalism has some of the best stories in the business with tales of struggle, creativity and constant change. It is an interesting industry to cover, and I hope to continue learning about it in the future. I also love a good sports story. Everyone loves an underdog, and in the world of sports there are plenty of unexpected characters, heros and villians to be found.

My main career goal right now is to become as skilled as possible in multimedia and storytelling. I love the work found in the St. Petersburg Times and Garden and Gun magazine and hope to one day work at either one of them.