Caitlyn Finnegan

Curiousity makes the world go round...

The best stories end up being the ones you don't start out looking for. They find you, consume you, spark your curiousity and leave you wanting to discover more. I've learned that the best way to cover a story is to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected.

I want to be a journalist who can do it all. Conceptualize, interview, write, photograph and design how it should all come together. I'm currently pursuing a career in online/multimedia journalism, and am looking to gain as much experience as possible before graduation. I've worked my way up from stringer, to regular freelancer, to staff writer and finally to editor, so I appreciate every step that has helped me to get to where I am today. Look around to find out a little more about me and why living life as an adventure is the only way to go.