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I truly believe that a good book is life-changing. I am constantly on the hunt for a new book to obsess over. I'm in the process of developing a personal library and have around 200 books so far. I love spending hours in a bookstore and skimming over spines until I find one that catches my eye. I also spend a lot of time at thrift stores and garage sales where I can buy ten books for a dollar.

While I will read almost anything, my favorite books are fantasy. I like reading anything that has a surreal quality to it. I find it hard to explain what it means for me to get sucked into a book. I would say that the world seems to freeze around me, but that isn't exactly right. Instead, it would be more accurate to say that the world no longer exists. My brain stops registering black letters on a white page and I'm not really conscious of the fact that it's words before my eyes. Instead, the book becomes a reality of its own.

These are some of my favorite books: