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My name is Samantha Dean and I'm a third year student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. While my major is journalism, I don't really have a desire to be a journalist. The reporting game, I've quickly learned, is not necessarily for me. Instead, I have chosen to focus on the editing specialization within my college. I hope to work in the editorial department of a publishing house one day. If dreams come true, I will be working in New York City with one of the Big Five Presses (HarperCollins, Random House, and Penguin are my top choices.)

Since working with books is my passion, it seems a bit unnecessary to state how much I love to read, but I'll say it anyway: I truly believe that there is nothing like being engrossed in a good book. To be so entrapped by the words on a page that reality slips away is pure magic. I'm in a constant state of obsession with one book or another. In fact, since my days are reserved for class, work and studying, I usually spend the night reading my "pleasure book", or whatever book I'm independently reading, instead of sleeping.

Aside from being a student at UF (Go Gators!), I am also the oldest of four children. I use the term "oldest" loosely, though, since I'm a twin. My twin sister, Heather, is also a student at UF. While she is only five minutes younger, those minutes might as well be a lifetime in my eyes. Heather is by far my best friend. We're unique even in the twin community because we're what's known as mirror twins. As the name implies, everything about us is exactly opposite. I'm right-handed, she's left-handed; My hair is curly while her hair is straight; Our hair parts in opposite directions. In fact, even our personalities are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Heather is reserved and slightly shy, whereas I'm much more extroverted. Apparently, our fingerprints even swirl in opposite directions, although I've never tested that theory. I also have a brother, Nicholas, who is ten and another sister Gabriella who is six. Since there's a very large age gap between me and my younger siblings, I feel much more maternal toward them than your typical siblings.

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