Adventures on the Road

Parasail in Key West

Key West

If you want to find the color of pure blue, you can find it in Key West. You can parasail in the sky like a free bird and dive in the sea like a happy fish. This photo was taken when my friends were parasailing. Cool, right? This small island is at the most southern point of the U.S., which collects bright sunshine and clear seawater in one place. No wonder famous writer Ernest Hemingway spent a large amount of his life there.

Niagara Fall

Niagara Falls

You can hear the sound of Niagara Falls even if you stay far away from the water. I went to the Falls on a winter morning when everything was covered in the cool fog and soft sunlight. Mysterious and breath-taking as it always is, Niagara Falls attracts millions of visitors to this natural international border between Canada and America. Some people say it is a better view from the Canadian side. I wish one day I would have a chance to visit it again!

Bean in Chicago


This picture was taken at the Millennium Park in Chicago. This city is full of amazing architectures and sculptures, such as Willis Tower, John Hancock, and Buckingham Fountain. This sculpture is called Cloud Gate that reflects Chicago's skyline and clouds in the sky. It's so much fun to stand under it and watch your own distorted image. I like to call it "Big Bean" because of its shape. What do you think?

Grand Teton

Grand Teton

It is really an exciting experience to see snow on mountains in a hot summer. This picture was taken at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Glaciers shaped the peaks of the Teton Tange. I went hiking half a mile around the lake. Every breath taken is so fresh that it cleans the whole body and mind. When I saw the reflection of mountains in the pristine lake, I became speechless and could not describe the feeling in my heart for this beautiful scene.