Haishi's Story

Born in a small countryside in the Northern China, I grew up and spent my childhood playing with friends everyday. Moving into a city at the age of ten, I lived with my parents for eighteen years untill I went to the Dalian University of Foreign Languages to study English and international trade. Because I am fascinated with English and its culture, I always had a dream for an adventure in an English-speaking country. Luckily, in my junior year, I got a chance to learn mass communication at Dickinson State University in the U.S. for one year. It's such a wonderful experience, which made me decide to spend more time in the U.S.

Gator's life

In 2010, I entered the University of Florida to study Public Relations in a graduate program. I like the school's strong culture and love to be a Gator. Interested in media and non-profit organizations, I did several internships related to this field. Recently, I worked as a public relations and non-profit management assistant in Big Brothers Big Sisters at Mid-Florida. I'm trying to train myself to be a professional public relations practitioner with prominent social media skills for my future job.

Life Collage