Reitz Union Board Entertainment

RUB Banquet

Reitz Union Board (RUB) Entertainment is a student-run programming board at the University of Florida that provides free events every night of the weekin the Reitz Union. There are four committees - Bands, Films, Lecturers and Comedians, and Special Events. For the last year and a half, I spent my time as Bands Committee Co-Director.

Along with my fellow co-director, I was in charge of working with a budget provided by the Union to plan, promote and run free concerts every other week. These concerts, called "Local Brews" pulled talent from local and regional acts. Once a semester, we also brought in a larger national act. Although I am not doing RUB again this year, I learned more than I ever hoped, made a ton of friends and continue to support all of the events!

Trendy Entertainment company logo used with permission

Trendy Entertainment

Currently, I am interning at a local video game studio located in downtown Gainesville, Fla. Trendy is releasing Dungeon Defenders, a unique mix between tower defense and action RPG, on Oct. 19 for XBLA and Steam, while the PSN version launches on Oct. 18.

As a PR intern, I work with the Marketing Director to reach out to important video game press outlets and journalists. Since the big launch date is approaching, there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. It has already been a great experience!

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