Gamer Girl

Playing my DS

In my free time, I love to play video games. I got a PlayStation from my dad when I was ten years old and never looked back. My favorite genre would have to be RPGs or role-playing games. Currently, I'm playing Final Fantasy IX on my PlayStation 2, Bastion on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade and finishing up Chrono Trigger on my Nintendo DS. I've also started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops with my boyfriend. I'm not really accustomed to first-person shooters, but I'm learning! I truly believe anyone can play video games, no matter age or experience.

Some of my favorite video games of all time include:

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. Kingdom Hearts
  3. Final Fantasy X

Crazy Conventions

Posing at the convention

I also love to attend conventions, which are commonly abbreviated as "cons," whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I usually lean toward conventions that cover video games, anime, fantasy and nerd culture in general. Most feature costume contests, industry panels, vendor markets and gaming competitions.

I went to my first con with my dad when I was little - ICON at Stony Brook University in New York. Now, I travel to Atlanta, Ga., every spring break for MomoCon. MomoCon is a free anime and gaming convention at Georgia Tech University, but the venue is actually being moved to account for so many attendees. The next con I hope to attend is Dragon*Con!

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