The Story

I have grown up around cats since I was little. Once I moved into my own apartment sophomore year, I knew I needed a companion! Although I only planned on getting once kitten, I ended up with two - a brother and sister!


Left: Roland, Right: Kairi

Roland looks a little like Hobbes from the comic Calvin and Hobbes . He has a tan body with black tiger stripes. I refer to Roland as an "emo" cat, because likes to cry for no reason and is extremely needy for attention. Although he is a a troublemaker and takes some time to trust new people, he is a true sweetheart.


Kairi has shiny grayish/brownish coat with a a beautiful black necklace on her neck made up of her stripes. Kairi is a best friend to everyone. All loves when people pet her and will meow out of excitement. She is very playful, and especially enjoys running around in circles after her new laser pointer.

Basically, I'm the resident cat lady among my friends! I wouldn't have it any other way.

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