Caveat: This is assuming you have put in the appropriate amount of miles to complete a three to six mile race without health complications

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  1. Most importantly, you need a good, sturdy pair of shoes to do your training in. Also, if you are more competitive, some racing flats are big provide a big advantage, keeping your feet light. I recommend anything from asics or saucony.
  2. Get the proper amount of rest going back several days. You can get away with a lack of sleep the night before as long you have had adequate rest throughout the week. If you get nervous as race day approaches, this is certainly to your benefit.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids the day before and the time before the race. Gatorade is great the night before while water and or Propel should be consumed in the hours leading up to the gun.
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  5. Get in a good warmup. This should include a light jog, just enough to get the heart going a little faster and some high knees and butt kicks. Then perform a stretch for most of your legs muscles.
  6. Mentally, you should think everyone around you at the starting line isn't as good as they think they are, especially if they are wearing fancy running clothes or shoes.
  7. <<---This is my final kick during the 2009 Southeast Regional Championship
  8. Although it is easy to do, don't sprint the first mile in road races. This can be necessary in cross country meets with narrower trails, however.
  9. Just keep a steady pace throughout the race while hitting the hills hard. Push it to the limit the last half to a quarter mile, though, so you should have nothing left in the tank at the finish line