Disc Golf

Gainesville's Courses

Lake Wauburg South
This 18-hole course, about 15 minutes south of campus, is located on UF's Rec Sports property. Most of the holes are between 150-250 feet and travelthrough fields and narrow trails. Since this is UF property, make sure to have your Gator 1 Card for entry.
There are a few holes that you need to watch out for cars and vice-versa because the driveway cuts beside and through the fairways.
Barr/ Boys & Girls Club
This 9-hole couse is pretty vanilla compared to the Wauburg course. Located about 10 minutes from campus on NW 27th Ave, this course is built for long-drivers, as most of the holes are 300-400 feet. Some of the holes have some pesky trees that mae you think a little bit, but for the most part, it's go big or go home.
The Professional Disc Golf Association has a database of every official course in the country


There is truly an art to tailgating. I have tailgated at many events, here are some of these places:
All you need is a chair, some food, drinks and good friends to hang out with.