All That's Fit to Code

My Fashionista outfit

So... what will I talk about today?

I think I'm going to bring up how I love...

chocolate, magazines, cats, poetry, colors and general silliness.

You might be wondering why this page is named "three," but three is my favorite number. I'm not entirely sure why, but it may be because of my love for mythology. Oddly enough, I've had three cats in my life.

Up until now, I've had my writing and photography published on CollegeFashionista. It's a wonderful, beautiful site with wonderful, beautiful things, but I know I need to branch out. If you're interested at all in the random stuff I find interesting, my tumblr accounts are War Against the World and WhatthePretty.

I hope to work for a magazine someday, but I'm not sure which one. This may involve moving back up north. I was born in Massachusetts, and I'd like to spend some decent time there again.

(I will, however, have plenty of amazing people in Florida that I will learn to miss.)