Jeju Island

Jeju Island is the biggest island in South Korea. It has many wonderful natural landscapes including blue ocean and a huge volcanic mountain. Jeju Island is recently nominated as new 7 wonders of nature. Jeju is a volcanic island, so you can find a lot of beautiful sceneries formed by volcanic activities such as columnar joints. If you are going to Jeju, you can enjoy these sceneries and fresh air. Jeju is also highly clean.

beach in Jeju

How can you enjoy Jeju?

beutiful scenary in Jeju

There are several ways to enjoy Jeju. First, you can rent a car and drive it. Jeju is a huge island, so you need a car if you do not want to walk a long way. However, driving a car is not the only way to travel to Jeju. You can also ride a bicycle along with a coastal road. It is really exciting! You can rent a bicycle with a reasonable price. However, I strongly recommend hiking, walking along with some specific roads called 'Olle'. Olle is a kind of roads for hikers. There are 17 courses and thus you can look all around Jeju through these roads. Some parts of Jeju are tourist spots, but other parts are pristine beautiful landscapes. Thus, you can enjoy both, tourist spots and untainted scene, if you walk along Olle. I highly recommend you go to 'Orm', which is a kind of small mountain formed by the volcanic activity. If you are on the top of 'Orm', you can see the whole view of Jeju. It would be very memorable experience. When you walked along these roads, you can meet diverse kind people in Jeju, and also enjoy a lot of delicious food, especially tangerines.