Here is one of my hobbies. Hiking! I really love travel, especially a walking trip. By hiking, I can relieve my stress and control over my mind. I usually go off somewhere when I get stress, particularly to some places with beautiful scenery and fresh air. A brisk walk makes me blow my worries away. Moreover, meeting new people and obtaining valuable life lessons are another benefits I could get when travelling. There are many good places for hiking in the world, but I would like to recommend one beautiful place in Korea. You can get some information about the place on Travel page. I hope you to feel like going to Korea through my web pages.

Reading classic novels

Another my hobby I want to share with you is reading classic novels. I know it might sound far too still and silent than hiking, which is full of energy. However, sometimes I need to have time for myself. Reading novels is inactive, but really good for resting myself quietly. Both activities, hiking and reading, make me feel relaxed and come up with new ideas. I love reading regardless of any genre, but especailly prefer novels because they make me be contemplative. Here are some impressive novels to me.

The stranger

The Stranger

’The stranger’ is Albert Camus's first novel, which was first published in 1942. It has received honorable mention for a long time by dealing with irrationalities of the society. This novel was selected as the most influential novel in the 20th century. Through this book, I learn how absurd the modern society is, as much absurd as to make someone in the society feel oneself as a stranger.

Ninteen Eighty Four


Most people would have heard about ‘Big Brother’. This novel is really famous for depicting ominous shadow of the future. It revealed the risk of surveillance society by describing a country controlled by Big Brother, a powerful dictator who knows everything about anyone in the country. Big Brother has been used pronominally for referring to a surveillant or a dictator. Moreover, it is often mentioned in regard to a characteristic of the Internet or smartphone as a surveillant.

One hundred years of solitude

One hundred years of Solitude

This novel was written by Gabriel Garcia Marque in 1967. By reading this novel, I could learn a whole modern history of South America including wars, labor issues, and the reformation of Latin America. The book helped me to understand Latin America society and the differences between Latin America and other well-developed countries such as North America and Europe.