About me

Chun in Florida

Welcome to Chun’s World! My name is Jung Won Chun, and I am from South Korea. This is my first time to create my own website, and I am excited! Now, I am corrently studying telecommunication at the University of Florida as a master's student. When I was in college, I also studied telecommunications. I have been interested in online publishing, which has been my long pursuit since my undergraduate years.

In college years, I had a chance to go to the UK as a member of school delegation, and observed how british universities educated their students in the department of mass communication. I visited Nottingham Trent University and several mass media institutes. I also met several new media specialists and joined in a discussion about changes in media industry with the development of the Internet. Thanks to this experience, I could get up-to-date issues in media industry, which eventually generated my research interest about online journalism.

Before starting my master’s course at UF, I also worked for some start-ups, especially those who are involved in the mobile industry. This experience promoted my interest about new media platforms including the Internet and the mobile. In the rapidly changing media circumstances, I believe the ability of creating website allow me to gain the competitive advantage. By building this website, I expect to broaden knowledge about my interest and share many things about me. Through this site, I introduce my interest including hobbies. You can see what I like on Hobbies page. I hope you have a great time here!