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About me:

Hi there! I'm Annabelle Brooks, a senior at the University of Florida, studying Journalism my major and English as my minor. A childhood spent in Long Island, New York first influenced me to be the observer I am. I was exposed to such an intoxicating place. Moving to Florida, at 13-years-old, molded me into the introvert I've become, but I suppose these two combinations have landed me right here, as a self-proclaimed writer.


What is JournoFilm?

This is a combinationation I've made up of my interests and career goals - a compromise between journalism and film.

I've always enjoyed writing. Although I enjoy poetry and short stories the most, when reaching that difinitive moment where you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life, I chose journalism. Once I learned of the Journalism and Communications College at UF, I became intrigued by the various medias and writing techniques journalists use to create a story. Film, however, is my first love. From the time I can remember, I've always had an attraction to images. I was glued to my television growing up and not much has changed now that I am twenty-two. I own entirely too many movies and my movie library is growing! Films provide an alternative reality for about 90 minutes and good scripts that allow the audience to relate to a character through real, complex, human emotion is what I feed off of. I hope to write movies as intriguing as the ones that have consumed me.

You are reading the words of a future screenwriter, film journalism and poet. With graduate school as my next step, I'll emerse myself in the world of film while using my knowledge of journalism throughout life and in the field.