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Being a journalism student has allowed me to become a published writer. I have written editorials, film and music reviews and interviewed local, hard-working people, as well as international music artists.My focus in journalism is magazine design and layout. I am seeking jobs looking for a Design position.

Previous work at these publications: Blacklisted Magazine; INsite Magazine: Gainesville; Our Town: Alachua

Design clips:

Design ASF

Desgin Magazine Cover

Desgin Conceptual page

Mail me at anna4716@ufl.edu

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I remember you.

Searching eyes.

Quivering hearts, with hands that shake on beat.

Breaths hollowing the core of my spine.

Yeah, I remember you.

Especially the first time.

A picture in a frame, but you were preserved as an

emotion, not a thing of beauty or reflection.

Maybe a snap shot of unrequited words, but

nothing I'd like to remember.

You are the rock between two hard spaces.

You are the sillohette between our faces,

walking away.

Goodbye, I wish you'd say hello more often, since I see

you around from time to time. You never really

leave me, or is that the good part?

...maybe I like remembering how we became faded memories...