Travel Tips

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  1. Take thousands of photos. Take multiples of every shot. Don’t be afraid to get up close to what you’re shooting (unless it will kill you, then stay away). If you’re taking a photo of someone and they seem kind of edgy, show them what you took- sometimes they’ll appreciate it, sometimes you’ll get nasty looks.
  2. Eat everything. Don’t be afraid of food. Food is one of the most defining elements of a culture and when you travel you want to learn about culture, right? Oh, and take pictures of your food so you can talk about it later.
  1. Pack light. My great grandfather used to say, “Quien viaja ligero, puede llegar màs lejos” or ‘he who travels light, travels farther.’ By practicing this you get better. Also, go to, you’ll find some great packing videos.
  2. Bring a translation book. I usually get mine from the library. Get a small one that won't weighing you down. People like it when you try to communicate in their language. Don’t be that ignorant traveler who makes other countries hate your culture.
  3. Geocache wherever you go. You experience the country in a whole new way and often meet some great people. Be careful though, if a place looks sketchy it probably is.
  1. Buy a netbook. They’re cheap, so if they get stolen it won’t be terribly painful. Load your photos up at night and try to upload them onto another server as backup. I use Shutterfly. Also, hide your netbook. Mine is usually in the fold of some clothes. It hasn’t been stolen yet (knock on wood).
  2. Be green. I say this not only because it’s environmentally friendly, but because it’s actually more convenient when traveling. In Italy, for instance, water costs an insane amount. I brought my reusable bottle, didn’t get sick once, and saved money.
  3. Don't be afraid. If you live life in fear, you're not living. Don't hold yourself back from what you truly want to do.