Gabi and family at the equator
Mom, Gabi, Andres and Vicky at the Equator

I love to travel. Every summer my mother plans a wild adventure. Sometimes I go with her, sometimes I make my own plans. This summer I went to Italy and Ecuador. The former was a study abroad trip and the latter was my mother’s trip. I have to say, Ecuador has probably been my favorite vacation yet. I went with my Mother, Andres (my brother) and Vicky (my sister). We hopped to different cities the first week and then stayed a week in the Amazon. Among the many crazy things we did are bungee jumping, rappelling, hike/climb Amazonian waterfalls, white water raft in the Amazon, and eat the strangest thing I've ever had. Lunch included Qui (aka guinea pig), lemon ants, which are ants that really taste like lemon, beetle larva, tasted like corn, and raw snails (never again).

Ecuador was mind-blowing and an intense culture shock. I’ve never been around such poverty and it opened my eyes to how so much of the world lives. I felt this trip, more than any other, helped me realize how much I really have and how much I should appreciate my life.

The video above shows us eating beetle larva in a Quichua village. Our guide, Matildo, was the best. My brother had asked him if we could eat something Americans consider wierd, and he went out of his way to get the 'grub' and asked the matriarch of the village to make them for us. They don't taste bad, but the texture is very odd.

This was my first time bungee jumping. It was at the San Fransisco bridge in Baños, Ecuador. I actually get more nervous watching the video than when I jumped. Oh, and please excuse the video quality, my brother was freezing and couldn't stop shaking.