Gabi fit in the little kid's tunnel without much effort

When I was born the gods came down from the heavens and told my parents, “Her name shall be Gabriela Barrocas.” ...Or not. I was born on January 31 and was the cutest baby in the incubation room, until my mom took me home. By the age of 3, I was speaking both English and Spanish and making Miami my city.

As the years passed, my superiority was challenged by two new comers who go by Andres and Vicky. These are my siblings, and even though they can be a pain, I love them with all of my heart… but not as much as my dog. Sammy is the family pooch. She and I are the brains of the operation, even though, occasionally, she eats rocks. As for my parents, they’re nuts, and not like pistachios. All and all, they’re your typical “knows best” type and only want me to be happy.

I’m Hispanic, but Americanized, and connect with my roots every so often through food (lets face it, when it comes to eating on a budget, Hispanics know what they're doing).

I attend the University of Florida and, although don’t follow football season, I'm a Gator fan through and through. I love Gainesville and being a student. There really is never a moment of boredom (thank God). I’m an Advertising major and will soon add the new Sustainability Studies major. The latter is where my passion lies. I hope, in the future, to work in a company that promotes sustainable living.

I think the most important thing about me is I’m passionate about a lot. When I fall in love with something, I don't let go, even if I have a million other things on my plate.

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