gainesville health & fitness

At 16, I started working for Gainesville Health & Fitness, with no knowledge of the journey I was about to was about to take. Over the years I have learned about customer service, business and even life lessons that I didn't know you could learn from from a part-time job.

It is now 5 years later and I'm a supervisor, the marketing intern and I love every minute of it. I understand the importance of deadlines and I've learned how to work in a crisis situation. This job has taught me to deal with working with people that you don't see eye to eye with and even those that treat you poorly. I think that working for a large company with 400+ employees has taught me the value of employee relations and employee retention and how without a happy staff, your business can fail.

Gainesville Health & Fitness

university of florida hillel

Hillel at the University of Florida is a very special place. Starting in August 2010 as a public relations intern, I am now public relations coordinator and supervisor. I believe, after working for Hillel, that in order to succeed at your job and really give your company your all, it has to mean something to you. Hillel has a piece of my heart because of the work it does for the students of UF. It is a Jewish Community Center for students on campuses across the US and it is a place to learn, grow, build friendships and relationships and also learn more about our culture as Jews. I am very proud of where I come from and I feel that the work I am doing in the public relations field for Hillel is helping to create a better world for our community and the world.