About Me

Picture of Me

Christ. If anything defines me, itís my love for Jesus Christ.

People. If thereís anything that intrigues me, itís people.

Words. If you must know something about me, know my delight for words.

Coffee. If there is a substance you could never give me a mug large enough of, itís coffee.

These are perhaps the reasons, though not exclusively, that Iím a dual English and journalism major, a barista at Pascalís Coffeehouse, and a follower of Jesus.

I am currently a junior at the University of Florida. But let me give you some background that will illuminate how I got here and give you a clearer image of who I am today:

I was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. My dad, Alex, and my mom, Mary, decided to move the family (at the time, it was just me, 4, and my 3-year-old brother, Danny) to the United States. Unemployed for 6 months, my dad was restless for work in the Miami jungle. Eventually, because my dad had received his bachelorís degree in mechanical engineering, he landed a job in Akron, Ohio. So in 1995, made the drive there (I truly donít remember it) and began our lives in the small town of North Canton.

Soccer. I didnít mention it before, but you should know that it defined me for most of my life; and it began in Ohio. I began playing at age 5 and immediately loved the game. You might say I was a natural. Ohio is also where my brother and I learned English and where my younger sister, Sandra, was born.

And just in case you werenít aware, Ohio receives some brutal winters. And since my parents were accustomed to tropical weather (and my dadís company had a position open in Florida, in 2001, after 6 years of small-town life, they decided it was time to drive south. We ended up in Tarpon Springs, Fla., a pleasant town on the gulf coast.

And thatís where weíve lived ever since. My brother and I finished middle school and high school there. I continued to develop as a soccer player, and by the time I was deliberating over colleges, I had become a strong candidate for NCAA soccer. I nearly went to play for Villanova University in Philadelphia. However, I decided just before graduating that I wanted to be a writer. And so, partly because of in-state tuition, I came to the University of Florida.

I put my faith in Jesus my freshman year at UF and have been walking with Him ever since. I am a devoted writer (from poetry to exposition to fiction) and a fervent reader (C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Flannery OíConnor, to name a few). I work as a barista at Pascalís Coffeehouse on University Avenue in Gainesville. My parents still live in Tarpon Springs, and I live with my brother and another roommate in Gainesville. Check out my contact page if you want to get in touch with me.